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Design + Heritage Symposium

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posted 1/26/17
The University of Pennsylvania School of Design
Philadelphia, PA, USA


PennDesign & Fitch Foundation co-sponsoring "Design + Heritage"

Concepts of heritage have evolved dramatically in the past 50 years, from the stately mansions of founding fathers to neighborhoods and landscapes, from sites of conscience to the intangible and ephemeral. Meanwhile, the basic principles of contemporary design in historic settings, as first codified in the Secretary of the Interiorís Standards in 1966, have been static. This symposium -- hosted at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design in Philadelphia -- will engage designers, scholars, educators and stewards of heritage who are at the forefront of the field to explore innovative strategies for thoughtful, creative design in historic contexts. Please visit our website for more information and to register for this event.

Panelists and Moderators:

-Francesca Ammon, Assistant Professor of City & Regional Planning and Historic Preservation, PennDesign

-Ann Beha, Ann Beha Architects Daniel Bluestone, Director, Preservation Studies Program, Boston University

-Winka Dubbeldam, Professor and Chair, Department of Architecture, PennDesign

-William Higgins, Higgins & Quasebarth, NYC/Fitch Foundation

-David Hollenberg, Adjunct Professor/University Architect, PennDesign

-Douglas Reed, Reed Hilderbrand LLC Garth Rockcastle, Meyer Scherer Rockcastle

-Rob Rogers, Rogers Architects Steven Semes, Director, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, University of Notre Dame

-Meenakshi Srinivasan, Chair, NYC Landmarks Commission

-Charles Sullivan, Executive Director, Cambridge Historical Commission

-Liliane Wong, Chair, Interior Architecture Department, RISD


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